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3 Toques is a French bakery brand specialising in puff pastry. Producing various puff pastry varieties mainly vol au vents for both savoury and sweet pleasures.

Puff pastry is a flaky light pastry made from dough and butter or other solid fat. The butter is put inside the dough and is repeatedly folded and rolled out before baking. The fat melting during the baking process produces layers of gaps  during levitation. This is the magic of puff pastry.

Puff pastry can be used for practically anything. 3 Toques specialise in creating exceptional crunchy and light puff pastry creations, mainly vol au vents. These are hollow cases of the puff pastry which can be used for any filling both sweet and savoury.

3 Toque produce vol au vents for both retail and catering in different shapes, colours and sizes to suit any occasion. They are an ideal snack when entertaining. The sky is really the limit here, they can be filled with chicken, fish, pates, cheese and even fruit and chocolate. They can be served cold or warm. They are fun for all the family.

Locally we stock mini as well as large to help you host the perfect get together.

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Brand Products

3 Toques Vol Au Vents Small x 12
3 Toques Vol Au Vents Large x 6
3 Toques Pastry Tartlets x9
3 Toques Mini Pastry Spoons
3 Toques Mini Sweet Shortcrust Tartlets with Butter

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