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Bovril was first produced in the 1870s and today the brand is owned by Unilever.

A thick salty beef extract, that’s versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. The composition of it was changed briefly towards the end of 2004 and the beef extract was replaced by yeast extract. Due to popular demand and once the enforced ban by the European Commission on the export of Britain’s beef products was lifted, beef extract was re-introduced as a key Bovril ingredient.

Bovril can be diluted in hot water or, less commonly, with hot milk. It can be used as a soup flavouring and also added to stews.  Some also use it as a spread on toast and locally it is also added to pasta for an extra kick to the taste buds.

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Bovril Beef 125g jar
Bovril Beef 250g jar
Bovril Chicken 125g jar

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