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Tipiak, offering French culinary expertise, is recognised for its authenticity, quality and originality of its dry and frozen products.

The company was created in 1967, through the merger of two-hundred-year-old companies that both specialised in the packaging of dry goods. Soon after, the company began the production of tapioca and couscous. Over the years, it continued to grow through acquisitions, setting up of subsidiary companies and the diversification of products offered.

The Tipiak range of products includes tasty blends of couscous and cereals, quinoa, croutons, lentils, frozen macarons and frozen ready meals.

The company is committed to ensure customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality products, the development of its human capital and the respect to the environment and natural sources.

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Brand Products

Tipiak Couscous 500g
Tipiak Couscous 1kg
Tipiak Express Couscous 4 x 100g
Tipiak Tasty Couscous to Go 4 x 65g
Tipiak Couscous with Spices 250g
Tipiak Couscous with Tomatoes and Herbs 250g
Tipiak Couscous Wholewheat 400g
Tipiak Taboule Couscous Lemon and Mint 250g
Tipiak Taboule 1Kg
Tipiak Quinoa Oriental Style 180g
Tipiak Quinoa Gourmet 2X 100g
Tipiak Wholegrain Quinoa 2X100g
Tipiak Quinoa Easy Cook 240g
Tipiak Bulgar Wheat 500g
Tipiak Polenta 500g
Tipiak Breadcrumbs 275g
Tipiak Croutons Caesar 50g
Tipiak Croutons Nature 140g
Tipiak Croutons Garlic 140g
Tipiak Croutons Nature 50g
Tipiak Croutons Garlic and Herbs 50g
Tipiak Croutons 500g
Tipiak Croutons Garlic 500g
Tipiak Couscous Gourmet
Tipiak Quinoa Gourmet
Tipiak Golden Breadcrumbs
Tipiak Pearl Couscous 400g

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