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Welcome to the sweetest brand of Italy – sweetness in all its shades.

Elah Dufour Novi was set up in 1982 on the initiative of businessman Flavio Repetto and is represented in the confectionery sector by well-established brands of the Italian industry. All products are Italian-made in the three factories of the group: Novi L. (Alessandria), Bra (Cuneo) and Sassello (Savona).

The brand’s mission is to produce high quality chocolates and melting chocolate at a fair price whilst respecting Italy’s traditions. Raw materials are selected at source, and on arrival to the factories they undergo detailed controls. These include cocoa beans, hazelnuts, almonds, milk, sugar and original fruit juices among others.

The same attention is dedicated to all the finished products so, in this way, consumers can rest assured that final products are fully guaranteed in all aspects.

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Brand Products

Novibloc Milk 150g
Novibloc Dark 150g
Novibloc Milk 500g
Novibloc Dark 500g
Nero Nero Orange 75g
Nero Nero Lemon 75g
Nero Nero Raspberry 75g
Nero Nero Mint 75g
Novi Nero Nero Lime & Menta 75g
Novi Nero Nero Pistacchio 75g
Neror Nero Coffee 75g
Nero Nero Ghana 70% 75g
Nero Nero Ecuador 75% 75g
Nero Nero Extra Bitter 88% 75g
Nero Nero Extra Bitter 99% 75g
Novi Piu Milk Rich in Calcium 50g
Novi Piu Dark with hazelnuts 50g
Novi Piu Milk with hazelnuts 50g
Novi Piu 5 cereals 50g
Novi Nocciolato hazelnuts 130g
Novi Nocciolato dark hazelnuts 130g
Novi Nocciolato White hazelnuts 130g
Novi Nocciolato al latte 130g
Crema Novi 200g
Novi Bianco 100g
Novi Gianduia 100g
Novi Mandorle Intere 100g
Novi Noisette con Nocciole 100g

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