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The creation of PG TIPS as a brand dates back to the 1930s when Arthur Brooke launched PG TIPS in the UK market under the name of Pre-Gest-Tee. The brand was abbreviated in the trade to PG and then the word tips was added to highlight the fact that PG uses the top two leaves and a bud to make its tea.

Today the brand is owned by Unilever UK who, over the years, have introduced a variety of innovations developing the brand into a range of different teas in different formats. In May 2007, Unilever became the first company to commit to sourcing all its tea in a sustainable manner. They were the first major UK tea brand to sell fully Rainforest Alliance certified teas and are committed to moving all their production to a newly fully biodegradable material.

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PG Tips 40s
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PG Tips 40s Decaf
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