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Pantai is a Thai brand of sauces produced by Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co. Ltd. located in Thailand.

Established in 1962, today the brand is exported to over 40 countries around the world, namely United States of America, Canada, Europe, The Middle East, Australia and many Asian countries. Established on solid ground with great expertise and experiences since 1962,
Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. is a major front runner among producers and exporters of authentic Thai Sauces, Seasonings and Chili Paste. The Thai brand of Pantainorasingh has widely been trusted for its renowned qualities in culinary attainments for over 40 years in the local and international markets.

With the growth in demand for Asian cuisine, Thai food has increased in popularity among the Maltese consumer. This, aided by the versatility of the range has made PANTAI a growing brand in the local market.

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Brand Products

Pantai spring roll sauce 200ml
Pantai spring roll sauce 435ml
Pantai chili garlic sauce 200ml
Pantai hot and spicy sauce 435ml
Pantai hot chili sauce 200ml
Pantai mild chili sauce 200ml
Pantai sweet sour sauce 200ml
Pantai sweet and sour sauce 730ml
Pantai sweet chili sauce 200ml
Pantai sweet chili sauce 435ml
Pantai sweet chili sauce 700ml
Pantai sweet chili sauce 500ml
Pantai sweet chili sauce for chicken 200ml
Pantai Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken 435ml
Pantai dark soy sauce 200ml
Pantai soy sauce 200ml
Pantai soy sauce 435ml
Pantai soy sauce 700ml

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