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Crackeys Biscuits ® Brand is the result of an on-going fruitful operation of an established family-run bakery business located in Qormi, a location which has been synonymous with bakeries since the time of the Knights of Malta. Crackeys Trading have been the pioneers for generations in the manufacturing of the traditional Maltese savoury water-crackers better known as ‘galletti’.

Crackeys ® brand is commited to ‘making every day more of a healthy treat’. This is the guiding principle behind everything that is done and we are committed to quality and innovation!

At Crackeys Biscuits, every decision we make speaks profoundly of the attention we lavish on the quality of our savoury biscuits. At the core of our daily life and culture, this essential emphasis on Utmost Quality continually inspires us with ideas in bringing you the very best a biscuit could offer. You’ll find, within our enriching creations, how we’ve embraced this vision wholeheartedly over the years.

Our mission is simple, to continually surprise and enchant with tasty, flavoursome snacks that complement a healthy lifestyle….in our case; the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Brand Products

Crackeys Mini Biscuits - Galletti Original
Crackeys Galletti Original
Crackeys Galletti Value Pack
Crackeys Grab & Go Galletti Original
Crackeys Grab & Go Galletti Thyme
Crackeys Grab & Go Galletti Cheese
Crackeys Grab & Go Pizza
Crackeys Grab & Go BBQ
Crackeys Galletti SMokey BBQ
Crackeys Galletti Tomato & Oregano

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