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Established in 1977, Agro Sevilla is today’s world’s largest table olive producer and is the company behind the brands Agro Sevilla, Coopoliva and Olicoop.

The Spanish company controls each of the production phases for its table olives and olive oil: from tending the olive trees and harvesting the olives, to manufacturing, distributing, and marketing the end product, thereby ensuring rigorous traceability and greater quality control during each stage of the value chain, from the source to the final destination.

With an annual production of over 80,000 tons of olives, it exports its olives to more than 70 countries worldwide. Agro Sevilla is committed to contributing to the sustainable growth of our growers, ensuring that their products are marketed worldwide. Agro Sevilla was set up with the sole purpose of devoting its resources to olive-growing.

To minimise its impact on the environment, the olive production plant in Spain has been awarded the ISO 14.001 standard certificate, which guarantees sustainable production and respect for nature.

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Brand Products

Agro green sliced olives 345g
Agro green pitted olives 345g
Agro green pitted olives bag 75g
Olicoop green pitted olives 200g
Olicoop green olives and bone 200g
Olicoop black olive pitted 200g
Olicoop black olives and bone 200g

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