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Werther’s Original Hard Candies were first created by Gustav Nebel over 100 years ago. Much has changed since then but some things have remained exactly the same.

Werther’s Candy is made with only the finest ingredients and blended with the same care and passion that Gustav Nebel brought to each caramel he crafted. This is why every Werther’s Original has the same familiar taste loved by many.

To this day, Werther’s Original Hard candies remain one of the most popular caramel candies in the world.

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Brand Products

Werthers Original Bag 150g
Werthers Original Butter Mints 137g
Werthers Original Creamy Filling 125g
Werthers Original Eclairs 100g
Werthers Original Soft Caramels 125g
Werthers Original Stick 50g
Werthers Original Sugar Free Bag 70g
Werthers Original Sugar Free Bag Capuccino 80g
Werthers Original Sugar Free Bag Chocolate 60g
Werthers Original Sugar Free Box 42g
Werther's Original Sugar Free Cappuccino Box 42g
Werthers Original Sugar Free Chocolate Box 42g
Werthers Originals Bag 1000g
Werther's Originals Caramel Popcorn Brezel140g
Werther's Originals Caramel Popcorn 140g
Knoppers Nutbar
Werther's Original Butter Candies Sugar Free
Werther's Original Cream Candies Sugar Free Bag

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