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The Pagani brand of Ravioli and Tortellini was developed in the post war years. Today the brand is available all over Italy and in various overseas markets.

The range under the Pagani brand is extensive and the company also packages for own-label brands. Pagani is committed to remain loyal to traditional recipes, even in today’s modern world and using modern methods and prides itself in bringing gastronomic specialities to life bringing Italy’s finest products to tables all over Europe.

Influenced by our Italian neighbours, pasta is widely consumed locally and a wide variety of brands, mostly imported from Italy, are available to the local consumer.

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Brand Products

Pagani Tortellini with Cooked ham 250g
Pagani Ravioletti with Cooked ham 250g
Pagani Ravioli Mezzaluna with Cooked ham 250g
Pagani Tortellini ai 3 cheeses 250g
Pagani Tortellini with Cooked ham 500g
Pagani Tortelloni with Ricotta & Spinach 500grs
Pagani Tortellini with Cooked ham 1kg
Pagani Tortellini ai 3 Formaggi 1kg
Pagani Tortelloni With Ricotta and Spinach
Pagani Tortellini Funghi Porcini
Pagani Tortellini Pizzaiola

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