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About M&Z p.l.c.

We are a Maltese company specialising in the global sourcing, importation, distribution and marketing (to the local consumer) of products for the retail and catering industry. The FMCG business was established in the 1930s and has over the years built up an impressive portfolio of brands. The food brands comprise the major part of the brand portfolio and can be divided into ambient, chilled and frozen products. The cleaning products portfolio is divided into home and personal care items. The portfolio is backed by a strong business structure to support these brands.

Our Organisational Structure

Based on revenues, M&Z p.l.c. is today placed as one of the top 3 leading food companies in Malta, employing over 140 people. It is proud to have strong teams in Brand Management, Marketing, Sales (retail & food service), Logistics, Warehouse Management and Distribution supported by sophisticated information systems. The Organisational Structure is flat and lean with all departments reporting to the Managing Director.

The Company services over 1,200 customers weekly spread throughout Malta and Gozo, offering a next day delivery service.

Our History

M&Z p.l.c. originally began as a modest family-run company over 80 years ago, dealing in ambient mass market commodity items. The appointment of M&Z p.l.c. by Unilever and then consolidation of the Unilever foodstuffs portfolio in 2007 with the Company, helped take M&Z p.l.c. to another level. Aided by further acquisitions in 2014 and 2016, the Company now has a turnover in excess of Euro 28 million and 140+ employees. Today it is ranked one of the top three FMCG Companies based on revenue, handling a diverse portfolio of products operating in a number of different categories. Whilst commodity items remain an important part of the product portfolio, the Company increasingly seeks to represent brands with purpose for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

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