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Agrico offers pates with a combination of meat, spices and vegetables, giving them a unique taste and making them perfect to spread on sandwiches. It also offers a range of products for athletes and physically active people that pay special attention to the protein content of their diet, offering chicken fillet products that contain no gluten and are low in fat. The products are packaged in a way that make them very easy to consume.

The brand also offers a wide variety of canned meat, making sure to source the best quality ingredients for its products. These can be enjoyed in sandwiches or as a meal on their own.

Agrico’s production is based on innovate technologies and are inspired by delicious and traditional recipes. As a result, it creates highest quality products with exceptional taste.

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Brand Products

Agrico Poultry Pork Pate Classic 130g
Agrico Poultry Pork Pate Tomato 130g
Agrico Poultry Pork Pate Paprika 130g
Agrico Poultry Pork Pate Mushroom 130g

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