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Back in 1938, the Mackay brothers converted a carrot processing facility into a jam-making factory. They sourced berries from the surrounding fields and sold them locally. Today Mackays is the 3rd largest preserve brand in the UK market and distributes its products worldwide.

Mackays uses only the finest ingredients in their preserves and marmalades. They source strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants from berry fields in eastern Scotland and bitter oranges from Seville. Only whole berries are used in the preserves, ensuring a great-tasting product.

Mackays jams and preserves are made the authentic way, in small batches in copper pans. Once cooked, the product is tasted to ensure that each jar has the signature home-made taste of Mackays

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Brand Products

Mackays Apple & Fig Chutney 225g
Mackays Apricot Preserve 340g
Mackays Blueberry & Blackcurrant Preserve 340g
Mackays Blueberry Preserve 340g
Mackays Caramelised Red Onion & Chilli Marmalade 225g
Mackays Cranberry Sauce 235g
Mackays Fig Preserve 340g
Mackays Mint & Rosemary Jelly 235g
Mackays Red Pepper & Smoked Paprika Chutney 205g
Mackays Redcurrant Jelly 235g
Mackays Ruhbarb & Ginger Preserve 340g
Mackays Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve 340g
Mackays Scottish Raspberry Preserve 340g
Mackays Scottish Strawberry Preserve 340g
Mackays Scottish Three Berry Preserve 340g
Mackays Seedless Blackberry Preserve 340g
Mackays Seedless Bramble Preseve 340g
Mackays Spiced Ginger Preserve 340g
Mackays Strawberry Preserve With Champagne 340g
Mackays Sun Dried Tomato & Smoked Chilli Chutney 225g
Mackays Sweet Beetroot & Red Onion Chutneye 225g
Mackays Lemon Curd 340g
Mackays Lime Curd 340g
Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade 340g
Mackays Fruity Orange Marmalade 340g
Mackays Lime & Lemon Marmalade 340g
Mackays Orange & Lemon Marmalade With Ginger 340g
Mackays Orange Marmalade With Champagne 340g
Mackays Orange Marmalade With Whisky 340g
Mackays Pink Grapefruit Marmalade 340g
Mackays Seville Orange Marmalade 340g
Mackays Thick Cut Orange Marmalade 340g
Mackays Three Fruit Marmalade 340g
Mackays Vintage Dundee Orange Marmalade 340g

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