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The Tiger Tiger brand was developed by JK Foods – a division of Hyperama PLC – in 1998. Servicing both the foodservice as well as the retail market, TIGER TIGER is constantly developing innovative and unique additions to its range making it one of the widest eastern food ranges available in Europe, the Middle East and USA.

With the rise in popularity of Asian food as well as the opening up of a number of oriental restaurants locally, the demand for Asian products such as the TIGER TIGER range has greatly increased with more and more space being dedicated to this category instore.

Recognizing the growing demand for fusion foods, Tiger Tiger provides restaurant quality Asian food, while keeping in mind today’s hectic lifestyle. All products are made without artificial preservatives, colors and additives.

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Brand Products

Tiger Tiger Minced Garlic 240g
Tiger Tiger Minced Ginger 200g
Tiger Tiger Malaysian Satay Sauce 300g
Tiger Tiger Hoisin Sauce 350g
Tiger Tiger Plum Sauce 350g
Tiger Tiger Mango Chutney 5kg
Tiger Tiger Prawn Crackers 227g
Tiger Tiger Rice Vermicelli 250g
Tiger Tiger Fish Sauce 200ml
Tiger Tiger Light Soy Sauce 150ml
Tiger Tiger Dark Soy Sauce 150ml
Tiger Tiger Oyster Sauce 150ml
Tiger Tiger Pure Sesame Oil 150ml
Soy Sauce Dark 500ml
Soy Sauce Light 500ml
Tiger Tiger Coconut Milk 400ml
Tiger Tiger Reduced Fat Coconut Milk 400ml
Tiger Tiger Sliced Water Chestnuts 227g
Tiger Tiger Sliced Bamboo Shoots 227g
Tiger Tiger Beansprouts 425g
Tiger Tiger Baby Sweetcorn 425g
Tiger Tiger lychees 567g
Tiger Tiger Chinese Stir Fry Vegetables 425g
Tiger Tiger Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce 300g
Tiger Tiger Coconut Korma Simmer Sauce 300g
Tiger Tiger Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce 300g

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