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The PEK Chopped Pork canned range was launched in 1976 and has maintained its popularity in the UK ever since.  Since their launch over 40 years ago, PEK canned meats have been a staple in households, known for their high quality and great taste. The brand offers versatile products which are perfect for sandwiches, on top of pizzas or as an ingredient in cooking. PEK canned meats are guaranteed to be free of MSM (Mechanically-Separated Meat), ensuring the best quality product at great value.

The company is owned by Smithfield Foods Inc, the world’s largest pork processer founded in 1936 in Smithfield, Virginia. A $12 billion turnover group company with an already well-established portfolio of market-leading brands and products, Smithfield Inc employs more than 57,000 employees in nearly 150 bases of operation in 13 countries around the world. Whether consumers need a quick snack or a family meal, the PEK brand is all about food which is simple, tasty and enjoyable.

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Brand Products

PEK Chopped Pork 200g
PEK Gold Chopped Pork 170g
PEK Ham 200g
PEK Premium Chopped Luncheon Meat

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