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The legend of Dolo corned beef is built around a recipe that has not changed for several decades. The product is made of 98% beef and with the right balanced seasoning and cooked at the perfect challenge, it makes for a product that is authentic and rich in protein. With 21% protein, it will provide you with the essential amino acids your body needs.

Dolo’s corned beef will surely meet all your culinary needs – you can have it hot or cold, cubed or chopped, depending on your preference, while you can add it to your favourite dishes.

Exclusively using meats originating within the EU, the meat is carefully selected and naturally prepared. The Dolo brand is part of the Cholet, an expert in canned food since 1967. The company offers consumers daily solutions for all tastes and desires.

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Dolo Corned Beef 198g
Dolo Corned Beef 340g
Dolo Chicken Luncheonmeat 340g

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