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EURICO is a brand of rice formally owned by Cereol, a unit of Montedison. It was sold to the Colussi Group in 2001. The Group is made up of a series of companies which produce and market specialized foods and delicatessen products. With headquarters in Italy and subsidiaries all over the world, the Colussi Group aims to bring the quality of Italian cuisine to consumers around the globe.

Generation after generation, the Colussi Group achieved one hundred years of excellence which transformed a little artisanal activity into a solid corporation intent on manifesting its great love of Italian food traditions at the highest level. While promoting high quality in everything it does, today the Group is solidifying its internationalization process, thereby promoting Italian craftsmanship around the world.

The EURICO range is made up of parboiled, brown and basmati rice. Retail and catering sizes are available.

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Brand Products

Eurico White Long Grain Rice 1kg
Eurico Parboiled Rice 1kg
Eurico Himalaya Basmati Rice 1kg
Eurico Arborio Rice 1kg
Eurico White Long Grain Rice 5Kg
Eurico Parboiled Rice 5kg

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