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Ipsa Sania is where we import high quality ingredients for Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Food Service and Retail.

Based in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, Ipsa’s birth date goes back to 1978. With the company’s eyes set on extraordinary quality, in 1999 Ipsa achieved official quality certification and today it is one of the most efficient and innovative producer of quality products with an extensive choice of innovative products ranging from bases for ice cream to mixes, from pastry products to margarines.

All products aim at better satisfying the needs of modern nutrition, respect for nature and the final consumer. Today Ipsa exports its products to 60 countries worldwide, including Malta.

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Brand Products

Sania UHT for cooking 200ml
Sania UHT for cooking 500ml
Sania UHT for cooking 1ltr
IPSA Topping strawberry 200ml
IPSA Topping chocolate 200ml
IPSA Topping caramel 200ml
IPSA Topping Forest Fruit 200ml
IPSA Topping Pistacchio 200ml

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