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BLUE ANGEL is M&Z LTD’s own brand of tuna fish. It is supplied by Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd – a leading producer and exporter of frozen and canned seafood in Thailand. The Company was established in 1973 and today distributes worldwide.

Tuna fish is a staple product in the local consumer’s basket of goods. It’s used on its own or added in with other products to create both hot and cold dishes.

BLUE ANGEL tuna is available in vegetable oil to both the retail and foodservice sectors.

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Brand Products

Blue Angel Tuna 95g can
Blue Angel Tuna 170g can
Blue Angel Tuna Chunks 95g Trio
Blue Angel Tuna Chunks 170g Trio
Blue Angel Tuna 1Kg pouch
Blue Angel Tuna 1.715Kg can

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