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Calvé believes that good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a source of joy and a stimulus to the imagination. This is why Calve’ products are made with tasty ingredients that can make every moment of the day tantalizing.

Calve’ sauces are ideal for creating fresh and inviting dishes, or delicious and light aperitifs. They are splendid to embellish meats, fish and vegetables, and are also perfect in sandwiches, over canapés and in salads. Calve’ is used all over Europe to enrich lunches or dinners, or to tease between meals!

Calvé only uses ground-raised eggs for mayonnaise and is suitable for vegetarians.
To make our Ketchup even tastier we have selected the best tomatoes ripened in the sun and using 170g of tomatoes per 100g of Ketchup!

Calvé forms part of the Unilever portfolio of brands.

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Brand Products

Calvé Mayonnaise 400ml
Calvé Tomato Ketchup 400ml
Calvé Burger Sauce 250ml

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