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Gualino is part of Italian bakery Delizie known for their sweet and savoury baked goodies. Consisting of the brands Barbero, Pamparato Biscuits, Three Ears and Gualiano. The latter specialises in the scrumptious Gualino savoury breadsticks.

At M&Z plc. we make sure to import and distribute the best brands for our local market. Thus, we chose Gualino for our breadstick range. Breadsticks are Italian in origin and the Italians definitely have a skill in producing these exceptional light, crispy, dry baked snacks for the whole family to enjoy.

Gualino savoury breadsticks are an ideal snack for those of you watching their figures or those of you wanting to stay on the lighter side. Moreover, they can also be a pleasant alternative to bread or crackers. The crisp, dry baked savoury breadsticks can be enjoyed in garlic, pizza, rosemary, sesame and traditional flavours. There is a breadstick for every occasion.

You may enjoy Gualino breadsticks as an appetizer, or as a great complement to a platter. Their shape and size are also ideal to be wrapped with cold cuts such as, hams, salami, cured meats and prosciutto. You may also use breadsticks as dipping sticks in your favourite spread. Finally, breadsticks add a nice crunch when you are enjoying an assortment of cheeses. Their flavours especially the garlic and rosemary definitely bring out the flavours of various soft as well as hard cheeses.

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Brand Products

Gualino Grissini Torinesi Traditional Friabile
Gualino Grissini Torinesi Rosemary Friabile
Gualino Grissini Torinesi Garlic Friabile
Gualino Grissini Torinesi Pizza Friabile
Gualino Grissini Torinesi Onion Friabile
Gualino Grissini Torinesi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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