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Neri traces its roots back to 1947 when it was founded in the heart of the Tuscan hills.

Since then it has grown and made its way into international markets. However, Neri prides itself with staying close to tradition, providing you authentic Tuscan products.

Neri products represent over 70 years of excellence thanks to their careful selection of raw materials and high quality methods of food processing. This has been coupled with a strong drive for innovation resulting in a growing range of pantry staples.

Neri combines its passion for tradition and innovation with a commitment towards the environment in of all its products. This ethos is what guarantees you high quality, sustainable products.

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Brand Products

Neri Chopped Artichoke Hearts 290g
Neri Pickled Onions (Brown) 300g
Neri Capers In Vinegar
Neri Giardiniera (Mixed Veg) 290g
Neri Giardiniera Food Service (Mixed Veg) 1.45Kg
Neri Tuscan Pitted Olives 290g
Neri Sundried Tomatoes 290g
Neri Mini Gherkins 300g
Neri Mini Gherkins Food Service 1.45Kg
Neri Sundried Tomatoes Food Service 1.40Kg
Neri Pickled Onions (White) 300g
Neri Olive Giganti Marinate
Neri Capperi
Neri Carciofi
Neri Melanzane Grigliate

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