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Welcome to MZM

Welcome to M&Z (Marketing) Limited (MZM). We are a Maltese company specialising in the global sourcing, importation, distribution and marketing (to the local consumer) of products for the retail and catering industry. The FMCG business was established in the 1930s and has over the years built up an impressive portfolio of brands. This portfolio is backed by a business structure to support these brands and which has at it’s core, a goal to bring quality products to the local consumer in a timely and efficient manner.

As a channel of communication our website seeks to inform our business customers, end consumers and also potential partners about this business structure that is MZM.


*Organix Baby Biscuits Voluntary Withdrawal Following the decision taken by Australian authorities to pull Organix fingerfoods baby biscuits off the market, Organix UK has responded regarding the issue and their decision to keep it on the marke
*Recruiting Brand Manager Recruiting Brand Manager