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Emborg, a key player in the seafood and meat market around the world, offers over 250 products which are carefully selected and inspired by the different cuisines around the world, ranging from meat, dairy and frozen vegetables.

The company was founded in 1947, and since then has offered real, nutritious and flavourful food products, while still keeping prices affordable. The products are offered in a form that is quick and easy to use while cooking, proving that a good meal does not have to be expensive to be delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Emborg has the expertise and passion to choose only the very best ingredients, sourcing them from where they have the best growing conditions and making sure the flavour is retained, offering a final product that is rich in taste and nutrition and appetising in flavour, texture and appearance.

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Brand Products

Emborg American Cheddar Cheese Slices 200g
Emborg Danablu Classic Cheese 100g
Emborg Sliced Mozzarella 150g
Emborg Sliced Swiss 150g
Emborg Sliced Havarti 150g
Emborg Sliced Gouda 150g
Emborg Sliced Emmentaler 150g
Emborg Sliced Emmentaler 150g
Emborg Sliced Edam 150g
Emborg Vintage Cheddar 200g
Emborg Red Cheddar 200g
Emborg Mozzarella Cheese 200g
Emborg Mozzarella Cheese Shredded 200g
Emborg Greek Style Cheese 200g
Emborg Edam Cheese Wedge Portion 230g
Emborg Feta in Oil with Herbs and Spices 300g
Emborg Feta in Oil with Herbs and Olives 300g
Emborg Danish Brie Cheese 50% 125g
Emborg Camembert Cheese 125g
Emborg Cream Cheese 200g
Emborg Cheddar Cheese Slices 1.03kg
Emborg Natural Cream Cheese1.5kg
Emborg Danish White Combi 500g
Emborg Mild Cheddar 200g
Emborg U'GO Strawberry Dessert 100g
Emborg U'GO Raspberry Dessert 100g
Emborg U'GO Peach/Passion Dessert 100g
Emborg Whipped Cream

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