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3-Star is Denmark’s leading producer of salamis and cold cuts. Owned by Atria Denmark, the 3-star brand is specialised in organic charcuterie produced to the highest manufacturing standards based on Danish traditions.  Today it offers a very broad range of additive free products and focuses greatly on quality and high food safety standards. Today 3-Star offers a wide range of sausage and salami products for retail, and the catering industry.

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Brand Products

3STAR sliced table pack salami 150g
3STAR sliced salami 100g
3STAR sliced peperoni 150g
3STAR sliced hot peperoni 1Kg
3STAR salami 80g
3STAR prime Danish salami 2.2 Kg
3STAR peperoni strips 170g
3STAR paprika salami 200g
3STAR jambonella with garlic 2kg
3STAR garlic salami 200g
3STAR Danish mini salami 200g
3-Star Sliced Salami 80g

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