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Peperami is a salami sausage snack manufactured by Jack Link’s.

It is manufactured in Ansbach, Germany and sold in various countries across the world. The meat snack has multiple variants made with pork, which include the Original, the Hot and the Firestick.

The brand was first born in 1982 when a container carrying what was supposed to be pate to the UK was actually carrying sausages. The Company decided to try to market the product and today the range consists of a variety of different flavours and formats. Known as the original way to put your hunger in a headlock, Peperami offers a proper porky, protein-packed weapon of choice against rumbling stomachs.

So if it’s a portion of meaty laughs you’re after – you’re in the right place! Try sinking your teeth into Peperami’s animalistic banter with added bite.


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Brand Products

Peperami Original 22.5g
Peperami Hot 22.5g
Peperami Firestick 22.5g
Peperami Original Minis 10x10g
Peperami Original Bunch of 5
Peperami Hot 5 Pack
Peperami Jerky Original 50G
Peperami Jerky Hot 50g
Peperami Chorizo 20g
Pepperami Chorizo 5 Pack

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