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Campagnolo is an Italian based company providing a wide range of high quality products for your family, home and your little furry ones. It specialises in offering the highest quality wear for all your indoor and outdoor needs. Of course, staying true to the name Italians have for their style of fashion. Locally, our Camapgnolo brand portfolio is La Casa delle Cose for home essentials, Eddie & Zoe for pet commodities and Happy Puppy for baby care. Our extensive range of products will surely not disappoint.

At Campagnolo, Italian design is at the forefront in every product all using the finest materials of the highest quality. For your baby we have 3 pack socks available in 4 different colour ranges. We also have a variety of bibs ideal for unisex, girl and boy. Baby blankets are available in different sizes and colours, also ideal as gifts.

From the home essentials range we offer a variety of face cloths of different designs for all the family. In addition, we also provide large warm blankets, tea cloths in different sizes and styles, tea matts and fluffy bathroom matts. Finally, for your furry family members we have a variety of pet cushions and pet blankets.

With products you choose from Campagnolo your home essentials, pet commodities and baby care requirements will surely be exceeded. You can find our range of products from leading retailers across the Maltese islands.

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Here’s what you can enjoy locally…

Brand Products

Campagnolo Tea Cloth Limoges Red 60X86cm
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Limoges Pink 60X86cm
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Limoges Yellow 60X86cm
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Glasgow Pink 60X86cm
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Glasgow Red 60X86cm
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Glasgow Blue 60X86cm
Campagnolo Carpet Memory 50x80 Waves
Campagnolo Carpet Memory 50x80 Rectangles
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Fairy Micro Fibre 40X60cm
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Ross
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Joey
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Joey
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Chandler
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Chandler
Campagnolo Gift Blanket Chandler
Campagnolo Carpet Iglesias 60X120cm
Campagnolo Carpet Iglesias 60X100cm
Campagnolo Carpet Iglesias 50X80cm
Campagnolo Carpet Forsan Tomatoes 45x75cm
Campagnolo Carpet Forsan Flowers 45x75cm
Campagnolo Carpet Forsan Still Life 45x75cm
Campagnolo Carpet Eola Beige 50X80cm
Campagnolo Carpet Eola Blue 50X80cm
Campagnolo Tea Matt Frames
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Top chef
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Milano
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Erice
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Bianca
Campagnolo Tea Cloth Agri
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Sasha
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Rufus 65x50x15cm
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Rufus 50x40x12cm
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Rollo 50x40x16cm
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Gordon
Campagnolo Pet Cushion Eddy 105x80x7cm
Campagnolo Pet Cushion EddyEddy 88x58x7cm
Campagnolo Pet Blanket Dusky
Campagnolo Face Cloth Liberty
Campagnolo Face Cloth Kate
Campagnolo Cat Tunnel Silver
Campagnolo Carpet Pretty
Campagnolo Carpet Nice
Campagnolo Blanket Iconium 250x200cm
Campagnolo Blanket Iconium 150x200cm
Campagnolo Blanket Iconium 130x170cm
Campagnolo Bibs
Campagnolo Bibs
Campagnolo Baby Socks 3pcs
Campagnolo Baby Socks 3pcs
Campagnolo Baby Socks 3pcs
Campagnolo Baby Socks 3pcs
Campagnolo Baby Blanket Hook
Campagnolo Baby Blanket Gosalyn
Campagnolo Baby Blanket Glow Star
Campagnolo Baby Blanket Bimbi
Campagnolo Spiral Soft Toy Jinxi Pink
Campagnolo Spiral Soft Toy Jinxi Blue
Teacloth HB
Carpet Fluffy 55X110
Carpet Fluffy 50X80
Shower Matt
Ferny Table Cloth Rotono
Ferny Table Cloth 140X180
Ferny Table Cloth 140X240
Teacloth Delta
Teacloth Galles
Campagnolo Tablecloth Ferny 140x320
Campagnolo Bib 2 Pcs Boy
Campagnolo Bib 2 Pcs Girl
Campagnolo Bib Minnie
Campagnolo Blanket Naper 150x200cm
Campagnolo Blanket Naper 200x250cm
Campagnolo Super Teddy Blanket 127x152cm
Campagnolo Teddy Blanket 150x200cm
Campagnolo Teddy Blanket 200x250cm
Campagnolo Tenk Gift Blanket
Campagnolo Memory Carpet 50x80cm
Campagnolo Rafiki Pet Cushion
Campagnolo Strizzy Hair Towel
Campagnolo Bonossola Teacloth
Campagnolo La Spezia Teacloth 5 Pcs 45x65cm
Campagnolo Beach Towel Agadir
Campagnolo Beach Towel Tangeri
Campagnolo Door Carpet Zerbino Gold
Campagnolo Pet Carpet Pongo
Campagnolo Peppo Pet Matt
Campagnolo Baby Comforter
Campagnolo Trudy Dog Bag

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