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In 1941, a young man called Hamdi Dalan developed Traditional 100% Pure Olive Oil Soap from his family workshop in Izmir, Turkey. The soap proved so popular that other products such as body lotions and hand creams were added to the range.

Later, the company built larger offices and manufacturing facilities in Izmir to accommodate the increased demand. Today the products are available in over 90 countries including Germany, the UK, the USA and Japan and are loved and recommended by millions of people.

Dalan offers both personal products such as bar and liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotions, hand creams and shampoos.

Formulated with world famous Aegean olive oil and specially developed for people with skin issues, Dalan d’Olive’s luxurious range of products will leave your skin and hair feeling refreshed, nourished and well-moisturised.

Dalan d’Olive products have been dermatologically tested for use on all skin types (including sensitive skin) by several independent testing authorities such as DermaConsult in Germany – one of the best known and the strictest registered testing authorities in Europe.

Our company has always been committed to ensuring all processes, products and packaging are as environmentally-friendly as possible. We use the latest technology and research to create high-quality natural products guaranteed to keep our customers happy – as we did from the very first day!

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Brand Products

Dalan Therapy Liquid Hand Soap Offer Pack 2x400ml
Dalan D'Olive Travel Pack
Dalan D'Olive Gift Pack
D'Olive 670gr Gift Set Shower Gel, 250ml Hand&Body Cream & 20ml Intensive Cream
D'Olive 775gr Gift Set Shower Gel, Liquid Soap and 75ml Hand&Body Cream
D'Olive 800gr Gift Set 400ml Shower Gel, 400ml Body Lotion
Dalan D'Olive Shampoo Volumizing 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Shampoo Repair Care 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Shampoo Colour Protection 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Shampoo Antidandruff 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Conditioner Volumizing 200ml
Dalan DOlive Conditioner Repair Care 200ml
Dalan D'Olive Conditioner Colour Protection 200ml
Dalan D'Olive Shower Gel Nourishing 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Shower Gel Energizing 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Shower Gel Relaxing 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Liquid Soap Olive 400ml
Dalan D'Olive Intensive Care Cream Olive 50ml
Dalan D'Olive Hand and Body Moisturising Cream 250ml
D'Olive Pure Olive Oil Hand & Body 75ml Tube
D'Olive Pure Olive Oil Body Lotion 400ml
Dalan DOlive Body Oil 250ml
Dalan D'Olive Body Butter 250ml
Dalan D'Olive Pure Soap 150g
Dalan D'Olive Massage and Cellulite soap 150g
Dalan D'Olive Mini Pure Soap 25g
Dalan D'Olive Soap Olive Oil 170g
Dalan D'Olive Antique Lavander Olive Oil Soap 150g
D'Olive "Olive Oil" Antique Laurel Soap 150gr
Dalan Derma Cream Soap 100g
Dalan Cream Soap Aloe Vera 125g
Dalan Cream Soap Avocado 125g
Dalan Cream Soap Cocoa Butter 125g
Dalan Cream Soap Coconut Oil 125g
Dalan Cream Soap Shea Butter 125g
Dalan Glycerine Shower Soap Bamboo, Charcoal and Natural Minerals 150g
Dalan Glycerine Shower Soap Natural Minerals and Grape Seed 150g
Dalan Glycerine Shower Soap Sea Salt and Natural Minerals 150g
Dalan Multi-Care Liquid Soap Papaya Passion
Dalan Multi-Care Liquid Soap Pomegranate
Dalan Multi-Care Liquid Soap Fig

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