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Enliven is a UK based company taking the world by storm. It is becoming a leading name in the future of affordable personal care and hygiene. Enliven’s mission statement is affordable health and beauty. This comes without compromise on quality or care. Furthermore, Enliven offer a full contemporary range of products to satisfy the needs of all the family. 

All Enliven products are carefully selected to meet the demands of your entire family. For the local Maltese market we are primarily focused at brining you Enliven’s affordable anti- bacterial handwash, hair gel products as well as professional hand gel.

Firstly, our 500ml anti- bacterial handwash range all come with an easy to use pump. The product range includes moisture,  original, aloe vera, milk & honey, rose, sensitive and strawberry hearts. Secondly, we offer Enliven hair gel in extreme blue, firm red, ultimate yellow, XL super protein and XL keratin. All our gel range products are with Vitamin B5 and offer a superior hold for those long days and humid nights. Lastly, our Enliven’s affordable personal care range also includes professional hand gel. These gels are 60% alcohol based and offer the possibility to clean your hands and kill germs without the use of water. Enliven professional hand gel comes in original as well as refreshing cucumber and garden mint scent. Alcohol based hand gels now smell better. 

You can find our Enliven affordable product range in various outlets across the Maltese islands. 

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Here’s what you can enjoy locally…

Brand Products

Enliven Hair Gel Extreme Blue 500ml
Enliven Hair Gel Firm Red 500ml
Enliven Hair Gel XL Keratin 500ml
Enliven Hair Gel XL Super Protein 500ml
Enliven Hair Gel Ultimate Yellow 500ml
Enliven Hand Gel Professional 50ml
Enliven Hand Gel Professional Cucumber & Garden Mint 100ml
Enliven Handwash Aloe Vera Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Milk & Honey Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Original Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Rose Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Sensitive Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Moisture Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Cucumber and Mint Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Strawberry Hearts Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven Handwash Bubblegum Anti-Bacterial 500ml
Enliven hair food coconut macadamia conditioner 350ml
Enliven hair food coconut macadamia shampoo 350ml
Enliven hair food coconut macadamia hair mask 350ml
Enliven Hair Food Banana Coconut Shampoo 350ml
Enliven hair food banana coconut conditioner 350ml
Enliven hair food banana coconut hair mask 350ml

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