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A classic brand created in Paris in the 1960’s is now an icon in the world of fragrance for men, with a distinctiveness and robust scent that gives users class and sophistication.

The versatile scents are available in Eau De Toilette (Spray), After Shave, Deodorant Spray and Roll On. Since its launch, Brut signature fragrances have empowered men across the world to wear its fragrances with confidence, charm and character. The brand has defined and set the bold standard to prestige masculine scents for men. Brut’s product range includes Brut Original, Brut Oceans, Brut Mask, Brut Identity and Brut Sport Style.

Brut really came to prominence in the 1970s as a result of the famous ad campaign starring Henry (“Splash it all over”) Cooper and other famous sports stars of the time including Barry Sheene of motorcycle racing fame, David Hemery the athlete and Kevin (the hair-do) Keegan.

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Brand Products

Brut Deodorant Spray Original 200ml
Brut Deodorant Spray Sport Style 200ml
Brut Deodorant Spray Musk 200ml
Brut Deodorant Spray Attraction 200ml
Brut Antiperspirant Spray 200ml
Brut Shower Gel Original 200ml
Brut Roll On Original 50ml
Brut Deo Spray and Aftershave Gift Set
Brut shower gel original
Brut shower gel attraction totale
Brut shower gel sport style
Brut Splash-On Lotion 200ml
Brut After Shave Sport Style 100ml
Brut After Shave Original 100ml
Brut After Shave Attraction 100ml
Brut Deo Spray and Aftershave Washingbag Gift Pack
BRUT Deo Spray 200ml & SG 250ml Gift Set x6

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