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Arix S.p.A –  a leading Italian company that designs develops, manufactures and sells products for personal care and hygiene.

The brand offers a complete range of tools and accessories for cleaning and taking care of all domestic spaces.

All products are designed for ease of use and immediate results and the range includes brooms, brushes, laundry accessories and other tools for everyday cleaning.

As a company Arix is dedicated to consumer needs and lifestyle changes and has also invested in a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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Brand Products

Arix Tonkita shower squeegee
Arix Tonkita bomber closed toilet set
Arix Toilet Set Brush and Tonkita Holder
Arix Tonkita washing bag
Arix Tonkita supermop microfibre refill
Arix Tonkita rubber floor wiper 44cm
Arix Tonkita indoor broom
Arix Tonkita dual indoor broom
Arix Tonkita Pratico Push Broom
Arix Tonkita metal handle 130cm
Arix Tonkita metal handle 120cm
Arix Tonkita extendable steel handle 150cm
Arix Tonkita oval bucket 13lt
Arix Tonkita Puligenix kit with handle
Arix Tonkita fly traps
Arix Tonkita Eco mop plus
Arix Tonkita Eco indoor broom
Arix Tonkita Exo XXL foldable long handle dustpan
Arix Tonkita Eco dish brush
Arix Tonkita dustpan with handle
Arix Tonkita dustpan and brush set
Arix Tonkita clothes brush
Arix Tonkita adhesive roller clothes brush
Arix Tonkita blister stripper set 3pc
Arix Tonkita blister stripper refill 20pc
Arix Tonkita 3 in 1 BBQ grill brush
Arix Tonkita Dish Washing Brush
Arix Puligenix Kit Nonwoven Header with Handle
Arix syn chamois for windows
Arix sunny multipurpose cloth 2pc
Arix supermorbido cotton floorcloth
Arix yellow floor cloth 2pc
Arix wipe and shine slim 2pc
Arix softy sponge cloth 5pc
Arix softy sponge cloth 3pc
Arix non woven microfibre multipurpose cloth
Arix Myrco-plus multipurpose all surface cloth
Arix Mycro-trap supersoft furniture microfibre cloth
Arix Mycro-Grid floor cloth waffled
Arix coloured microfibre floor cloth 2pc
Arix Mycro-floor super resistant microfibre floor cloth
Arix Mycro-Brill microfibre glass cloth
Arix microfibre cloth 8pc
Arix strong wire sponge 2pc
Arix steelwool rolls 12pc
Arix inox maxi stainless steel wire sponge 2pc
Arix Splendelli Inox Maxi
Arix sponge scourer 5pc
Arix sponge scourer 10pc
Arix sponge scourer 3pc
Arix sponge scourer 3pc XXL
Arix sponge scourer 3 and 1 FREE
Arix Tonkita rimedio sponge 2pc
Arix scouring pad 3pc
Arix non scratch scourer pad 2pc
Arix Masterclean sponge non scratch design 2pc
Arix Masterclean sponge non scratch 2pc
Arix Masterclean sponge heavy duty 2pc
Arix Masterclean sponge grip heavy duty 2pc
Arix Masterclean heavy duty antibacterial scourer 2 and 1 FREE
Arix lindy sponge scrubber 2pc
Arix grip sponge scourer 3pc
Arix colour non scratch scouring pad 2pc
Arix coloured sponge scourer 2pc
Arix coloured scouring pad 10pc
Arix jumbo car sponge
Arix iron board covers 50x140cm
Arix Max ironing board cover

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