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The natural marriage between Carte D’Or  ice cream and dessert has been unbreakable since 1978. Today Carte D’Or’s creative combinations, mouth-watering flavours and heavenly light texture make it the number one premium ice cream brand in the UK.

Carte D’Or combines delicious ingredients to deliver a heavenly dessert experience. With its sumptuous flavours, Carte D’Or completes any dessert. Carte D’Or continues to innovate and bring new flavours to tempt our taste buds. Tantalising flavours are always changing, improving and ever growing. With something new always on the horizon. Thus, whether you’re looking for something simple for your family or something spectacular for a special night in, Carte D’Or is the key ingredient for creating easy, inspirational, and delicious dessert ideas.

Our gorgeous Carte D’Or  vast range of ice creams includes Vanilla, Vanilla light, strawberry, triple chocolate parfait, profiterole, nocciolato, pistacchio vanilla, spagnola and blueberry. Expect new exciting flavours every Summer Moreover, there are over 18 decadent flavours to choose from especially crafted for the catering industry. Give your customers an experience that is unique to your restaurant. Once you’ve got Carte D’Or ice cream, you’ve got dessert.For more info visit www.sharehappy.itCheck out our Facebook and Instagram pagesHere’s what you can enjoy locally…

Brand Products

Carte D'Or Vanilla 1ltr
Carte D'Or Vanilla Light 1ltr
Carte D'Or Strawberry 1ltr
Carte D'Or Triple Chocolate Parfait 900ml
Carte D'Or Profiterole 900ml
Carte D'Or Nocciolato 900ml
Carte D'Or Pistacchio Vanilla 900ml
Carte D'Or Spagnola 900ml
Carte D'Or Blueberry Cheesecake 900ml
Carte D'Or Lemon Sorbet 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Melon Sorbet 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or White Chocolate 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Tiramisu 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Caramel 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Vanilla Chocolate and Cookies 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Vanilla 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Strawberry Sauce 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Triple Chocolate 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Mint Chocolate 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Brownie 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Banana Chocolate 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Forest Fruit 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Candyfloss Blue 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Rum and Raisin 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Greek Yoghurt and Honey 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Stracciatella 5.5ltr
Carte D'Or Spagnola 5.5ltr

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