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For 10 years, Magnum ice cream has been crafting exceptionally delightful ice cream bars and ice cream tubs. From toddlers to adolescents to adults to the older generations Magnum is enjoyed by many and has become a household name.

Magnum products are thoughtfully sourced and crafted from the world’s highest quality ingredients and made with Belgian chocolate. It is no wonder that Magnum has become a number 1 indulgence ice cream bar found in most households. By simply enjoying a bite of this delicacy you will understand why.

Magnum comes in various forms, flavours and sizes catering for every taste bud and mood. From the Magnum classic to doubles, snackable mini ice cream to non dairy desserts. Magnum now offers 28 satisfying flavours to fix your sweet cravings. Coated in milk chocolate with 44% cacao, dark chocolate with 68% cacao, white chocolate with 33% cacao, and ruby chocolate with 26% cacao. There is truly a flavour for every person and every occasion. Moreover, Magnum are always innovating and creating new flavours . We are always excited for the Summer months to see what is in store.

The Magnum minis offer the perfect mini bite of sweet ice cream dipped in milk chocolate with 44% cacao and dark chocolate with 68% cacao. An ideal mini ice cream for tiny snacks, dessert, or any time you need to indulge, Magnum Mini ice cream bars are perfectly sized decadence.

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Brand Products

Magnum Classic
Magnum Double Caramel
Magnum Almond
Magnum Mint
Magnum White
Magnum White Chocolate
Magnum Sandwich
Magnum Salted Caramel and Glazed Almonds
Magnum DOuble Gold Caramel Billionaire
Magnum Double Chocolate Hazelnut
Magnum Classic Multipack
Magnum White Multipack
Magnum Almond Multipack
Magnum Mini Chocolate, Almond, White Multipack
Magnum Mini Double Chocolate and Caramel Multipack
Magnum Pistachio Multipack
Magnum Ruby Multipack
Magnum Classic Vegan Multipack
Magnum Salted Caramel and Glazed Almonds Multipack
Magnum Double Gold Billionaire Mini's 6PK
Algida_Magnum Bomboniera 12pk
Magnum Double Salted Caramel Pot
Magnum Almond Pot
Magnum White Chocolate and Cookies Pot
Magnum Double Chocolate Deluxe Pot
Magnum Pot Classic
Magnum Pot Double Gold Billonaire
Magnum Pot White

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