Why is it important to start an early infant oral hygiene routine on your baby’s gums and teeth?

Kids Corner | 30.04.2021 | M&Z Ltd.

Teeth play an important role in the general well-being of the individual. It is thus super important to keep baby teeth in good health, avoiding diseases, infections and dysfunctions by practising the appropriate baby dental care.


Infant oral care should be promoted from a very early age, already before baby teeth appear. A simple preventative habit could be to gently clean and rub the gums with a wet gauze.

Around the 5th-6th month of life the first baby teeth start to emerge until they are all fully emerged towards the 24th month. The enamel of deciduous (baby) teeth is much thinner and permeable and has a less dense structure. The “temporary” nature of baby teeth often leads parents to underestimate the importance of practising appropriate infant oral hygiene and baby dental care. However, baby teeth act as “place cards” for permanent ones ensuring they emerge in the correct position. They constitute an ideal surface for the adhesion of microorganisms that form bacterial plaque. In some conditions such as the intake of simple sugars such as sucrose, these microorganisms produce lactic acid, which lower the pH of the oral cavity below 5.5 which in turn starts a process of enamel demineralisation.  If constant, the lowering of the pH can result in caries, one of the most widespread oral chronic diseases.


A line of products specifically devised for child oral hygiene should take into account numerous needs and should promote basic criteria of protection and efficacy, gentleness and safety.  The Chicco line for child oral hygiene was developed based on these premises.

Early efficacy – The Chicco multi-function gum gel performs a hygienizing and lenitive action, in particular thanks to Xylitol, which acts by reducing the concentration of cariogenic bacteria and consequently of levels of lactic acid produced. Moreover, thanks to natural extracts such as Chamomile, it helps in reducing gum disorders with an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The teethers, in soft silicon, allow the child’s gums to be cleaned from the very first months of life.

Protection– The presence of substances such as Xylitol and Calcium contribute to the prevention of caries.

Safety – Chicco toothpastes do not contain parabens or other preservatives, providing   a   gentle formulation in the child oral care routine.

Gentleness – The bristles of Chicco toothbrushes with Tapered technology have the end thinner compared to the base which allow for more effective removal of plaque, thanks to facilitated access to gum spaces.


Chicco oral care product line has been developed in collaboration with experts and with the Chicco baby research centre in order to meet all the specific needs of your child. Paediatricians recommend cleaning baby’s gums after every feed so as to prevent bacteria from forming. Their toothpastes are made according to the developmental stage of your child.

For babies and toddlers from the age of 6Months to 24Months there is an Apple – Banana flavour toothpaste and for older kids aged from 1 to 5 Years a fruit mix one. They both help prevent cavities, with Xylitol. Do not damage milk teeth, thanks to the low abrasive formula and their tastes help parents make oral hygiene a pleasant daily routine.

Chicco also have a strawberry toothpaste for kids from the ages of 1 to 5 years suitable for soothing the discomfort caused when babies cut their milk teeth. With its sanitising action: It cleans and sanitise the oral mucosa. Contains Xylitol, known for its antibacterial action and chamomile for relief to irritated gums.

For older kids 6 years plus Chicco formulated a mild mint toothpaste that does not damage milk teeth, thanks to its non-abrasive formula and is enriched with Betaine and Vit E to protect gums. A blend of fresh spearmint and fruity notes meets growing kids’ taste.


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