Chicco Baby outing checklist: what you need to remember.

Kids Corner | 06.10.2021 | Chicco

What to pack for a weekend out and about with your baby

As we are settling into a winter routine, we will start switching days out at the beach for picnic days, outings in the countryside, quick weekend getaways, or we might even be thinking about planning a midterm break with our little ones. However, a day out with your baby or toddler can be intimidating with all the things you have to take with you and worrying that you might forget something important.

All days out will have their challenges, but despite this, you’ll make it through with more parental confidence and a brand-new set of family memories. Some of the greatest memories you’ll make as a parent come from the precious time you spend with your children. Kids grow up fast, especially when they’re young.

To help you have the best day out with your baby and make sure you have everything you need to ensure your baby’s well-being, we’ve listed some essentials to make sure that you’re all set. Here’s a baby travel checklist according to the experts at Chicco’s Baby Research Center.

In the car:

  • An age-appropriate car seat
  • A breathable cover for the car seat if it’s hot
  • An ergonomic sleeping cushion
  • Sunshades
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Wipes for cleaning the soother
  • The stroller or baby carrier
  • Their soother with its holder
  • A spare babygro
  • Their toys

If you stop for a nappy change…

  • Sanitising wipes
  • Nappy cream
  • Umbilical cord dressing products (if necessary)
  • A towel for the changing mat
  • Enough nappies

…or for them to eat

  • A bib (disposable ones are ideal)
  • A feeding bottle, already prepared with the right amount of milk (if you don’t breastfeed)
  • The travel bottle warmer
  • A feeding bottle or ergonomic cup for water (for bigger children)
  • A bottle of still water
  • A portable seat for the table or booster seat if baby has already started on solid food
  • The travel set with plastic plate and cutlery
  • Their toothbrush and toothpaste

 Always with you

  • An extra helping of calm

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