Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

The Digital Marketing Executive will be responsible for the delivery and evolution of our digital communications across our various platforms as well as for using the mediums to support the sales function.




  1. To create and implement our digital marketing strategy under the direction of the management team;
  2. To create and write exciting, punchy content suitable for the website, including rewriting/editing content;
  3. To maximize SEO opportunities to improve our rankings;
  4. To keep key content areas of the website fresh and dynamic by seeking out new copy, imagery, audio and video materials;
  5. To ensure all website content is accurate, accessible, consistent and up-to-date by systematically checking and updating web pages and also by removing information on a timely basis;
  6. To draft our social media strategy and policies and ensure we are capitalizing on publicity opportunities via social media channels (includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn);
  7. To maintain our Facebook pages;
  8. To plan, implement, follow and evaluate Digital Display Advertising whether as part of 360 degree campaigns or as standalone campaigns measuring campaigns against pre-defined KPIs;
  9. To oversee e-marketing campaigns, including producing, writing and distributing our e-newsletters;
  10. To project manage the development of new micro-sites and other digital initiatives when required;
  11. To respond promptly to inquiries from the web audience;
  12. To evaluate the effectiveness of the websites and social media channels and make recommendations for improvements;
  13. To maintain a thorough awareness of developments and trends in digital marketing and communications both nationally and internationally and make recommendations as appropriate. 



– Ideal candidates for the job will be highly up-to-date with advances in web technology and will know all about social networking and viral marketing campaigns.

–  Be comfortable writing and communicating effectively about food.

–  Think creatively about innovative approaches to marketing.

–  Understand what makes a good online marketing campaign.

–  Have knowledge of graphic design and Microsoft Office. Video editing and web development would also be considered an asset.


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