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Brand Overview

The first KNORR product dates back to 1838 when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr set up a factory producing a food supplement for industrial workers. In 1873 dried soups were added to the product range and by 1885 pre-cooked foods were developed. In 2000 the brand was aquired by Unilever through their merger with Bestfoods. Today it is Unilever’s biggest brand.

Local Use

KNORR has been present on the local market for over 50 years. Today the brand is made up of a portfolio of different KNORR products sourced from all over Europe. A number of products in the range have become essential ingredients in a number of Maltese dishes.

Local Range

The range comprises a variety of products from basic seasoning cubes, to soups and to sauces. These products are available for both the retail and catering trade.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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