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Brand Overview

Lipton is the world’s leading tea brand and present in more than 80 countries. It was developed at the end of the 19th century by Sir Thomas Lipton whose headquarters and factory were in Hoboken, New Jersey. Lipton was eventually acquired by Unilever in a number of separate transactions which was completed in 1972 making Unilever owner of the global Lipton business.

Today Lipton is one of the world’s great refreshment brands including tea-based drinks including leaf tea, infusions, ready-to-drink tea and other healthy, refreshing alternatives to soft drinks.

Local Use

Due to the influence of the UK, Maltese consumers are heavy consumers of tea both during the winter season and also in the summer months. Although black tea has traditionally been most popular, in recent years the interest in green tea and flavoured tea has grown.

Local Range

The Lipton Tea range locally consists of regular black tea in bags. It also includes black tea as well as flavoured tea packed in individual envelopes for optimum freshness.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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