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Brand Overview

LA BLANCA is a brand of corned beef imported from the Argentinian Company SWIFT. The name of the Company goes back to Gustavus Swift and Philip Armour, who in 1860, in Chicago were the pioneers of the meat chilling industry. In Argentina the Company was set up in 1907 at a time when Argentina began to export to Europe. Today, SWIFT ARMOUR is a leader in the preparation of meat products and exports to 70 countries, proudly upholding the principle of processing without ever transforming the nature of its raw material.

Local Use

Corned beef has been part of the local diet for decades served with bread as well as in hot foods.

Local Range

The local range of LA BLANCA corned beef consists of various different sizes of cans for the retail consumer.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.