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Brand Overview

The COLMAN’S brand was founded in 1814 and is one of the oldest existing food brands. This makes it the oldest name in Unilever’s portfolio who took over the brand in 1995. Its origins began in the hands of Jeremiah Colman who made his mustard at a water mill just south of Norwich. In 1866 the Company was granted the Royal Warrant as manufacturers to Queen Victoria. It can still be seen on all COLMAN’S products today. In 1973 COLMAN’S celebrated 150 years of business, commemorating the occasion with the opening of the Mustard Shop in Norwich. Today apart from mustard, the range also includes anything and everything from mint jelly to Beef Stroganoff casserole mixes.

Local Use

COLMAN’S mustard has been used in local cooking for a number of years. The range of COLMAN’S sauces are slightly less known to the local consumer.

Local Range

The range consists of mustards for the home as well as for catering outlets and packet sauces bought primarily for home use.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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