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Brand Overview

The origins of the BERTOLLI brand began in 1865 in Tosca in the small city of Luca. Over the course of a century the brand has taken the passion of a desire for Mediterranean traditions and healthy food and created a world renouned brand. Its reputation was  initially built on its world famous olive oils but then more recently also its pasta sauces and spreads. Today BERTOLLI is owned by Unilever who continue to use Italy’s fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruit, grains, garlic, olive oil and fresh fish to offer their consumers the daily pleasures and benefits of the Mediterranean way of life.

Local Use

Because much of the local cuisine is based on a Mediterranean diet the BERTOLLI range of products fit in well with the local consumers’ way of cooking and eating.

Local Range

Locally the range consists of various pestos and tomato based sauces. An olive oil based spread is also available.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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