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Our brands


Brand Overview

ARIX is a comprehensive range of cleaning materials produced by ARIX S.p.a., Italy. It is a major player in the household cleaning sector having been established over 40 years ago. Today it develops, produces and markets tools and accessories for households as well as professional cleaning, car cleaning, personal hygiene and care. The Company prides itself on being focused and flexible, constantly striving to develop high quality and effective products creating and communicating a ‘real’ and ‘solid’ brand.

Local Use

ARIX is the perfect comprehensive home cleaning range which locally can be found in large supermarkets as well as dedicated cleaning stores.

Local Range

The range is constantly expanding to further complement the range of products available. Amongst its product lines are:

- TONKITA which offers a complete range of tools and accessories for cleaning and taking care of all domestic spaces, designed for ease of use and immediate results including brooms, brushes, laundry accessories and other tools for every day cleaning.
- AQUAMASSAGE offers a comprehensive line of personal care items including massage sponges, bath sponges, facial cleansing sponges and more.
- SPLENDELLI focusing on household and bath cleaning products which include cellulose sponges, non-scratching scouring sponges, handgrip sponges, stainless steel sponges, galvanized scouring sponges, and many other items for a deep cleaning of pottery, ovens, grills and cooking surfaces, respecting all the materials even those very delicate.

Please contact us for a detailed list of products available under this brand name.

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