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Brand Overview

ASIAN HOME GOURMET (AHG) is an authentic range of spice pastes from Asia. Launched in 1982, the brand is owned by Cerebos Pacific Limited, a publicly-listed food company in Singapore. Fuelled by the growth in popularity of the range and the demand for Asian food, a natural extension of the original business was into the food service sector to provide the authentic, consistent taste of the AHG product.

Today Cerebos Pacific’s range of products are available in more than 8,000 major supermarkets and chainstores throughout the world as well as in hotels, restaurants and the fast-food industry.

Local Use

Local interest in Asian cuisine has grown substantially in recent years as a result of more people travelling abroad and increased coverage of other cultures through the media. AHG offers the local consumer the opportunity to easily create such cuisine in the comfort of ones own home at an affordable price.

Local Range

The range for the retail market comprises over 20 different spice paste sachets to create different tastes of the different regions which make up the Asian continent. A select number of these are also available for the foodservice industry.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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