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Brand Overview

Dalan Kimya markets its products under 7 different registered brands one of which is Dalan.

The foundations of Dalan were set by Hamdi Dalan in 1941 in Izmir, Turkey with the production of a 100% pure olive oil soap. In 2016 the Dalan family started working on cosmetics.

Dalan Kimya products successfully reached 132 countries by 2007 allowing Dalan to have a 20% share in Turkish bar soap exports and is among the top 5 exporting firms in the sub-sector of soap and other cleaning products.

Brand Vision

To provide hygiene, beauty and health required to raise our consumers' standard of life.

Brand Mission

To produce products of superior quality and value, which can influence world trends and are confidently preferred in the markets we are present.

Local Range

Liquid Soaps, boxed soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, creams & sets

  • DALAN D’OLIVE products high Vitamin E and Antioxidant content are a natural cleanser for your skin and hair, and protects your skin’s natural softness.
  • DALAN THERAPY neutralises stubborn odours with its fresh fragrance. Its antibacterial formula prevents bacteria to settle on your hands and protects against germs, leaving hands hygienic and refreshed.
  • DALAN FRESH TIMES is a foaming soap which helps you to save your time to lather and rinse, saves the environment with less water consumption and saves your money with less usage. While foam soap gives a silky texture to your skin, its unique scent leaves a fresh feel.
  • DALAN COVEX with its triclosan containing special formula removes dirt and bacteria away from your skin and helps to protect you and your family 12 hours a day from bacteria.

Please contact us for a detailed list of products available under this brand name.

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